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Provinciedomein Tillegembos

Did you know that Tillegembos is the oldest provincial domain in West Flanders? The beautiful domain covers no less than 131 hectares and has a lot of interesting fauna and flora in store for its visitors. You will also find extensive footpaths, sunbathing and playing fields and a cosy inn 'In de Trutselaar'. Tillegem also has some cultural history to offer: a beautiful castle with formal garden and a neo-Gothic domain farm with a horse mill.


The 98 ha green area is open as a walking area but the main axes are also accessible to cyclists. Beech and coniferous trees mainly adorn the forest here. Be sure to pop into the adjoining castle, which houses the Nature Centre and the Observatory. You will learn all about nature on land and the stars in the sky! A planet trail, cafeteria and several picnic areas complete your happiness!


Anyone wandering around Zedelgem today and passing by the Vloethemveld can hardly imagine it, but this place played an important role in both world wars. The military domain is rarely open to the public because of its exceptional natural values. Enquire at Tourism Zedelgem about the possibilities for guided tours. But the woods around the military domain, on former moorland, are perfect for a nature walk. A robust watchtower offers a view of this military domain with its special war history and beautiful nature. There is a fun play area for children: a totem pole, fun entrance gates with animals in beautiful carvings, stepping blocks, wooden play mushrooms, a camp and a tunnel, a sandberg with picnic benches, ... stimulate the imagination.

Kruidentuin Tudor

Tudor's herb garden contains numerous types of herbaceous plants. These include kitchen herbs, medicinal herbs, dye plants, industrial crops and aromatic herbs. In addition, the herb garden contains a range of small fruits which are a paradise for bees. With a visit to the accompanying bee hall, you will learn a lot about the social life of the bee colony, the relationship and mutual adjustments between plant and bee and the work of the beekeeper and his materials.

Assebroekse Meersen

Low-lying wet meadows and hay fields surrounded by pollard willows and poplars are typical in this landscape east of Bruges. During wet periods, boots are no luxury when you go for a walk in the Assebroekse Meersen. Go exploring with the Meersen walking route (6.8 km) or via the Velden en Meersen walking network.

Domeinbos Kampveld

The 294-hectare Kampveld domain forest consists of four parts: Rooiveld, Kampveld, Papenvijvers and Nieuwenhove. Forests, grasslands and swamps alternate there and two naturally meandering streams flow through the area. You can easily explore the area on a short signposted walk (2.6 km) starting at the car park. You can also opt for the extensive Kampveld walking route (9.1 km), which crosses almost the entire domain. A nice adventure route (4 km) is also provided for mountain bikers.

Zwin Natuur Park

The Zwin area stretches across the municipalities of Brugge, Damme, Knokke-Heist, Sluis-Aardenburg and Oostburg. It is one of the most important mudflats and salt marshes on the coast and is inundated daily by the sea. The interaction makes Zwin Provincial Nature Park a unique biotope with rich vegetation and huge numbers of birds that descend to forage or hibernate. Zwin Nature Park has various packages for groups. You can go on a nature walk with a Zwin guide, follow a cooking workshop, a teambuilding, a guided cycling tour,... .

De Haan, het mooiste dorp aan zee

 This idyllic seaside resort has been a haven for artists, writers, performers over the years. Alfons Blomme, James Ensor, Albert Einstein were often seen guests here. You will learn more about this and so much more during this walk in the most beautiful village by the sea. Many famous architects left their mark on the residential area of the Concession. Especially the Haanese architect Leo Ide made a name for himself in De Haan with, among others, Jolis-Bois, Astoria and the renovation of the Grand Hotel du Coq-Sur-Mer.

Verken Bredene

Bredene must be tasted and experienced, in every season, at every pace. Obviously in summer, on the beach with its beautiful unspoilt dunes and numerous free events. In spring when the parks come into their full glory. In autumn to get a breath of fresh air in the nature reserves Grasduinen and park 't Paelsteenveld. Want to see those interesting places in Bredene that you would otherwise pass by carelessly? Then enlist the services of a Bredene guide. Let yourself be carried along the beach, dunes, polders and creeks and discover the specific flora and fauna. Or opt for an eye-opening tour of the fish market. Walk or cycle along remnants of our wartime past. And who knows, you might climb the water tower, a unique monument and the only one to be visited along the coastline.


The Queen of seaside towns has something for everyone. A fresh mix of culture, shopping, gastronomy, going out, cycling in the polders and getting a breath of fresh air on the vast beach. Ostend, the home town of James Ensor and the inspiration of Marvin Gaye.

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